Anyone want a Hunter?

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    Hi All,

    Due to many numerous personal issues, gf moving in, master's, family etc. I'm not going to be playing WoW really at all anymore. I probably won't be on again til at earliest September. By then I'll probably look for a new MMO or just stick with console and other things.

    So if anyone wants to run around with Vragak, and see what Hunter's are like at 70, shoot me an e-mail, and I'll send you Account info. The account is currently paid through Early September.


    E-mail - Justin jrbeaudry com
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    My very first character anywhere was a hunter. I've always wanted to see what they can do at high levels. Maybe I'll find out one day, but it will be with a character I've leveled myself.

    Keep your account your own even if it goes inactive, and don't shard anything. If you get the itch come join us in Outland sometime. Being a casual isn't that bad. Best of luck in your real life, and I hope to see you around if you get the chance.
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    What Deac said. We still harbor hope that you'll play with us again someday :)
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    Mori speaks for us all. Cheers!
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