Still going strong?

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    Hiya all,

    I caught up on the threads below, but I was just curious how things were going on Stag. For mostly random reasons, I slid over to try out a PvP server (Black Dragonflight) with a friend of mine. I was switching back and forth for a while, but I (obviously) got caught up in the new character fun (Dorf Priest). He's nearly to 50 now and there's a huge raiding guild that my friend is a part of. I'm not sure if I really have the time to take part, but I might give it a shot now and then.

    But after playing a priest for this long, I've been jonesing for some DPS and CC again. PvP and BG's were a shock after a mage with a priest (not fully shadow spec) for a long while. Very frustrating to find a niche there. Anyway, I bopped on over to see how things are going. Still having fun on Stag?

    - ZfC
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    We're still playing and raiding with Blighted.

    Myself, Cheif (Xetasi), BC, Kalli are on most nights.
    Patro + Wang (not as much)
    Carch and his million alts have resurfaced.
    Mori has been seen again - and Zilla has come back!

    So we're still here.
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    And I'm on frequently aswell, but still runnign with the Guild Tag for raiding purposes. I'm always in the clanplaid channel for better conversation. I'm also always up for 5 man fun CP style.
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