CoE is heading to MC! Sunday 8pm

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    Hey guys!

    I know a lot of you are already raiding Molten Core. But... for anyone who isn't already saved to the instance, especially those who are interested in learning MC with a bunch of newbs (it's our very first CoE MC run!) then please, sign up! :-) (Don't worry, we aren't total newbs... lots of people have MC experience on other toons.)

    We're hoping to get Luci down, but mainly we're expecting to wipe lots and have fun doing it. Those that have raided with us before know that we have a great time, and that we're usually pretty successful. Anyway... would love to have a few of you with us!

    Once again, that's Molten Core with CoE (and friends) on Sunday, August 27th, 8PM-11:30ish. Sign up at:
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    Wow, that's awesome!

    Alas, I will be saved to another MC instance. But I wish you all the best and hope that some other Clan Plaid members can show up to help you all. :)

    Good luck!
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