August Myth Night this Thursday, 8/17!

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    Hails (again)!

    Just a reminder, #CP# myth night on will take place this Thursday, 8/17, starting at 9:00pm EDT. We usually last well past midnight, so all you west-coasters will still have plenty of people to join when you log on.

    Last month, we had a bonzo turnout with many, many fun big team battles (CREEP!).

    Hope to see you all there. If you are new to our Myth nights, please visit CPHL for information on what you'll need to join up. Someone there will be happy to help.

    For (retro) FUN and HONOR!!

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    I'll be hauling people back from the airport - but we should be able to hop on for a bit I would think...

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    Yes, I had given thought to postponing Myth night for a week due to Midwest gathering...8? jeeze, is it 8 already?

    Anyhoo, we had such a good non-plaid turnout last time, I figured we'd still be able to maintain a decent showing.

    Anyone you can fit on your phat pipe is welcome!


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