Blighted / CoE alliance?

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    What are the webpages for getting signed up for their raids?

    On a totally unrelated note, I need to finish my Onyxia attunement. Have Rend's head still in my bank (they managed to at least restore that one).
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    Blighted -
    CoE -

    After adding a few events on the group calendar (in game mod) I haven't noticed any others popping up. Maybe more of us need to get it installed if we're going to make good use of it :)

    Otherwise just hit me up whenever I'm on and we can get moving on the ony key or 45 run for ya.
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    Patro, Cull and I are planning to try and finish the ony chain this weekend at the gathering if you want to wait. I'm on the first quest to find Rexxar and Cull is on the step before that to kill Rend.
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