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    In an effort to schedule dungeon runs, pvp, grinding or whatever so people will know when people plan on doing stuff, I suggest we use the following mod:

    If you hit the "autoconfigure" button it will grab the correct channel/password from my player note. If you're not in the guild but are an interested party, message me in-game for channel info.
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    I'll get that and load it.

    Also, I think we should all upgrade to the new GuildAds v2beta. It is NOT compatible with v1, but I think using it will let ppl know who needs what, and help us interact more. I've got GuildAds 2 installed, and I'll see you when yo do the same.
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    Got 'em both.
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    I don't like GuildAds. It's just waaay too heavyweight.

    I do like the calendar.
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    BUMP... Sticky this.

    GuildAds is still terrible though (IMHO)
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    Good idea. Stickied.

    Now we just have to get in the habit of using it. I know that I've been slacking. :)
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