Farming for FR

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    Lets get the ballrolling for some FR Farming We did a bit last night with some Incendius runs and got Grout some nice bracers... and BC some crappy ones!

    This weekend has my birthday (14th) so I don't know how much playing time I'll get in.

    So for those that want to farm, make a post and lets pick a day!

    I will be in NYC the 18th - 19th and in Kansas the 24 - 28th and don't know how available I will be in those dates
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    Wow Vrag I thought you were much older than that ;)

    As a priest I don't think I need as much FR as the melee types but I'm usually looking to run any instance outside of BRD and DM East so I'll join in if you guys are farming. I have few pretty good pieces already that I've just picked up along the way (incendius bracers, torch of austen, 1-2 others).
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    My birthday is the 14th. I'll be 24.

    you noob.
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    Sux can make some FR gear (mail and plate). He needs dark iron ore,lava cores, and fiery cores ( I think). I'll look and see what he can make and what's needed.
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