Merry Christmas!

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    I thought about posting something sappy about another year having gone by, etc., but instead I came up with this while idling on CPHL...

    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all 'bout our server,
    Not a user was chatting, nor using their mouse;
    The download folders were all ordered with care,
    In hopes that "Game Open" soon they would hear;

    The users were dozing, their eyes bloodshot red;
    While strategies for Halo, marched in their heads;
    And Muffy in Canada and I in my lair,
    Had just settled in to let down our hair,

    When from the chat window there came such a chatter,
    I clicked on the window to investigate the matter.
    Words in the window scrolled by in a blur,
    I had to up arrow to see what they were.

    The Komit atop the great user list,
    Said "bah humbug" as Christmas he dissed,
    When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
    But a new user icon like a tiny reindeer,

    With witty banter so lively and quick,
    I knew in a moment it must be Dr, Nick!
    More rapid than ghols his fellows they came,
    He typed and PMed and called them by name;
    "Now, Patro! now Earthquake! now, Deacon and Cadburr!

    On, Komit! on Infin now, Conner and Muffin!
    To the top of the list! To the top of them all!
    Now chat away! Chat away! Chat away all!

    Well you get the idea...

    Merry Christmas folks!

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