Vanilla Coke SUCKS.



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    All of them indeed! I mean really, if you're worried about sugar or whatever, why drink _any_ soft drink? I'll bet if you looked at the ingredients close enough there'd be something that concerned you.

    The rancid taste of diet soft drinks concerns me enough not to drink any of them.

    100% sugar all the way!

    (I don't mind Coke Zero, but let's ignore that for now :) )
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    I drink Vault zero, but definitely not for the taste. It's got an oversweet lemon-ish thing going in the taste department, and it only beats Diet Mt Dew because DMD gives me acid. That other sugar free Mt Dew product, MDX, is a lot like lime battery acid. I've never been able to drink sugar free sodas, but C2 is a reasonable compromise I think; unfortunately it's a compromise on other fronts too and I don't really see it hanging around long with such a small market space.

    Jones has a sugar free black cherry soda that's got a good taste, IMHO, but it's extremely fizzy and the taste, while good, doesn't go with any food. Plus, no caffeine.

    Ramses II
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    i get diet pepsi for free.. so i drink it. i tried diet pepsi jazz...strawberries and cream..last week... its pretty good.. but not "free"

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    Have you folks tried/seen Coca-Cola Blak? It's exactly like coke mixed with coffee. Not anything I'm searching for, but thought it was interesting.

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    Someone brought a 6 pack of the Blak to ECG. One got opened and lightly tasted, another one sat upstairs on the wizwar table all weekend with everyone passing it around trying to get the other to drink it. The other 4 are probably still cluttering up Eph's porch.

    Take from that what you will about the taste. ;)
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    To repeat what my wife said when she tried it, it tastes a little bit like coke, a little bit like coffee, and a lot like ass.

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    ::resists opportunity to make the obvious joke::

    My g/f had some, she seemed to think it was ok, but she hasn't bought any since - so she must not have thought it was 'good' either.

    She did by some Tab energy drink, and then bought more - so that must be all right. I didn't try it - but it's not cola flavored (Tab was the diet coke before their was diet coke long long ago).
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    whatever, i like vanilla coke.

    what sucks is DIET COKE.

    eww. i hate that headache inducing shit.
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    Diet Hansen's gets a thumbs up from me, root beer, black cherry, tangerine lime - all good. Sodium free too.
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    Lately I've been drinking water and eating caffeine mints to get my fix. Easier on the teeth that way. I still drink a fair amount of tea too, but it doesn't contribute much to my alertness. ;)
  • This thread has officially gone over the 6-year-old mark. Huzzah!

    Now, more fuel for the fire:

    Mmmmmm Ham

    SoS, getting older too
  • ham? They're missing the boat... BACON!!! Everything is better with Bacon!
  • MEAT CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ow! Stop it! Let the thread rot in peace!

    Because of my son (who is ironically younger than this thread), I am reminded of the "That's Life" episode of "Fairly Oddparents", in which a poorly-worded wish brings Eddie, Timmy's dead hamster, back from the dead...

    You guys suck!

    Ratbert #CP#Z
  • think of it this way, as your Son gets older, you can see this thread get older along with him (:

    How's it going there? Things getting back to 'normal'?
  • After your meat candy only one thing can clean your teeth:

  • Conner:

    Somehow a thread on the pros and cons of various flavored soft drinks (the True Name of non-alcoholic fizzy beverages) doesn't seem very appealing as a parallel to my son growing up. Go fig...

    Things are slowly getting back to normal. We took a "tour" of Time Check, Czech Village, Downtown, and the Taylor Elementary neighborhood (Ladybert works there) this evening, and the amount of refuse piled outside of the houses is really depressing. But we're out from under the draconian water conservancy orders (I'm glad I helped save the one remaining well, and using water for drinking only for a few days beats a boil order in my book), and showers are once again a daily occurance.

    I'm still looking for a job, and I am worried how the recovery will impact my search. I may have to seriously entertain short-term contract gigs in Chicago and other nearby areas...

    Ratbert #CP#Z
  • So the other day I realized I had a bottle of diet coke in the fridge that said "OCT07" on it. After doing some searching with Google, which never ever is wrong, I read that it can still be good. So I opened it and had a sip.

    Well, it was vile.

    So take it from me, boys and girls... that best before date is serious business.
  • I had a similar experience with a 20 Oz bottle of pepsi from the basement of the Observatory where I work.
  • Yeah after that amount of time the coke has probably eaten through a good part of the plastic bottle. That can't be good for the taste.
  • my current gripe is the fact that our local Costco doesn't sell any soft drinks that I want to drink. They have no reasonably priced diet non-caffeine soft drinks. Sure, they have expensive stuff in glass bottles, they have caffeine free diet pepsi, but nothing I want! aaaayyyyeeeee!!!!
  • Sounds like Costco is the same in any country. Same deal here in Vancouver. I'd love me a Family Pack of sugar-free lemonade...
  • I tried a Faygo Root Beer the other day...said it was made with Pure Cane Sugar. tasted like a diet Dr. Pepper to a point. Wasn't impressed with it that much. I got it from a hot dog vendor that works out on my friday route...He said it was some special concoction from out east...I have never heard of it before...but maybe some on the east coast have...

    Just adding my bit to the continuation of the Dreaded COKE THREAD!!!!

    ALLL FEAR THE THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wonder if the had these types of discussions back in the 1800s.

    In Soda Revival, Fizzy Taste Bubbles Up From The Past
  • still drinking a ton of soft drinks, but just recently purchased a soda stream. The thing is awesome... thumbs up! However - pay attention to the warning that says "carbonate water only. add flavor only after carbonating" - they mean it! Yesterday morning, while still a bit drowsy, grabbed a bottle out of the fridge that I thought was just water. Started carbonating, it started fizzing a ton, I started to unscrew it - then BOOM. Very loud - liquid all over the kitchen (across the far wall on the microwave for example). Turned out it was a bottle I had made the night before that was diet lemon lime (: I didn't find the bottle until later in the day. It was across the kitchen tucked behind the spice rack on the counter. I have no idea what path it travelled to get there. So far my favorite is the diet ginger ale, toss in a bit of minced ginger to give it a bit of a boost flavor wise ... good stuff!
  • Niiiiice! Sounds like a fun way to make a lil bomb...
  • Gave up soda/diet drinks almost a year ago now. Only drink water, and yep Sodastream too.
  • haven't bought a soda stream...thought it was a, maybe I will definately give it another look. Recently tried Cherry Dr Pepper...Good flavor. Will try it with Jack Daniels next...Amaretto would be good with it I feel too...

    The Vanilla Coke Thread Will NEVER DIE!!!
  • McGyver, I picture you would be a natural to retro-fit the sodastreams and not get ripped off! Buy the unit, but then go online and find the special adaptors that let you connect it to regular CO2 refillers, like at Paintball events. You save mucho dinero!
  • Shhwwwweeeeeeettttt!!!
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