Tech question -or- new vid card suggestions

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    In todays episode, my G3 B&W doesn't want to give a signal to the monitor. I've tried the comp with 2 diff monitors and no success. The screen stays black. Soooooo, do any of you think it could be easily fixable small problem (like the internal battery) or is it a bigger problem (like replacing the vid card like I think I'll have to do).

    I had that comp off for a month or 2 and 3 days ago I set it all back up and turned it on. No picture whatsoever.

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    replace battery (nt)

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    Re: Tech question -or- new vid card suggestions

    It could be the battery... It's a cheap enough thing to try, anyway.

    I guess it sounds like it's going through all the normal booting stuff? You said it was off for months... Maybe moved around a little? I would yank the video card, make sure all the contacts on the card and the mobo are clean, and reseat it firmly... Also make sure there's no dust on the connector on the back...

    While you're at it, make sure the RAM and any other cards are also seated firmly...

    Hope that helps,

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    It was the battery. I like $12 solutions! (nt)

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