WoW: Wildhammer wants YOU!

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    So I'm trying to rally up a bunch of likeminded folks for WoW, and who's more likeminded than everyone who wanders by our public boards?

    CP and Friends seem to be scattered to the wind across more servers than actually exist. Here's hoping we can (at least partially) reunify! So, in a bold first step, I created a new character on a new server. Shocked? I know I am.

    Rather than try to convince other folks to join one of my existing servers, where I'm all invested in my existing higher level characters, I thought it would be a good idea to start fresh on a brand new server. This way, there's a chance for everyone to be close in level (at least for a little while until we fan out), and you don't have to contend with the effects of a topheavy population level balance.

    Wildhammer (PvP) just opened on August 23, and is quite pristine and unsullied thus far. Resources are plentiful. Spawns are uncamped. Auction prices are uninflated.

    So I went alliance and am encouraging others to join me. Why? Even though I usually lean horde, I'm on this crazy Paladin kick to prove that they don't suck as bad as everyone says they do. I convinced three of my good local friends to join me initially, and have been recruiting a few CP through use of liberally applied terror tactics and government corruption.

    The invitation has been opened! Come one, come all! My character's name is Meadow, and my pals and I are all human so far. Page or mail me in-game, or reply here and I'll absorb you into a guild as soon as I buy a charter.

    The guild rules for the as of yet nameless guild are going to be pretty simple:
    1) Have fun
    2) Don't be a dick unless it's to someone who really deserves it
    3) Cover eachother's arses
    4) Help eachother out with resources and crafted items and useless-to-you-but-useful-to-someone-else item drops.
    5) Dominate the world.

    We plan on a controlled explosive growth pattern: Group with lots of people, and if they impress us, invite them into the guild. The best way to tell if someone's suitable is if they are liberal with support spells, rescue groupmates from deadly situations, and pass up potentially valuable loot that other people need.

    I could possibly have summed this up with something about FUN and HONOR, but I like to hear myself type, and that's so very few characters. Though there will likely be a sizeable number of CP, this guild isn't going to be CP, just a likeminded guild formed by some CP and a bunch of other people.

    Join us!

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