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    hailz all...

    Well, I finally bought an XBox...It has only been out for How Long?? Yeah I know, my luck now, they will be announcing the launch of XBox 2 next week and all support for anything XBox will end...

    Anyway, for those that are XBox enabled and also have XBox Live, if you get online, add my gamertag to your friend list.

    It is:


    Yeah, I guess McGyver was already taken...should have jumped on sooner...but the CP at the end adds something so that is how it will be.

    I added Free's tag "free2bme" and Goatrope's tag "goatrope" from over at HBO and am waiting on responses back from them.

    Right now, I have CounterStrike and Crimsom Skies for XBL games, with H2 coming soon

    See you on line!

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    Re: XBL gamertags...


    see you on Halo2
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    Re: XBL gamertags...

    Congrats, Mac!

    gamertag: SonofSpamCP

    games: Crimson Skies, Mechassault, Rainbow Six: Black Arrow, Midtown Madness 3, Project Gotham Racing 2, Halo, ESPN NHL 2k4

    We should get some CS in before next tuesday, look me up!

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    so there!
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