[Croaker #CP#V] Doom 3

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    Did anyone get it? I went after work but they were sold out. :'(
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    It's out already?

    Where is all the earth shattering press??

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    Where have you been?
    Where is all the earth shattering press??
    It's all I've been hearing about all week. =p
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    [b]For example...[/b]

    [url=http://fun.clanplaid.net]_/ C's Site o' Fun![/url]
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    I got it.

    The single player is amazing. It's more like you're in a scary movie than playing a video game. There was actually a moment in the game (I won't spoil it but it happens in the bathroom) where the game scared me, like in a movie. I jumped then laughed my ass off that I reacted physically to a scary moment in a game. They really pull off the lighting effects too. The flashlight beam (which you need to see but are afraid to use since it leaves you unarmed while using it) looks exactly like a real flashlight beam. The only thing I don't like is the bodies aren't persistant. When you kill a monster it just dissolves, even though it does it in a cool way, instead of lying there in a bloody heap which I think is needed to add to the realism in a very mood driven game.

    Multiplayer is the same bullshit, run at superhuman speeds, grab the rocket launcher, cookie cutter stuff we've all played already. It's just prettier. When I saw that Doom3 did implement multiplayer (a thing they weren't going to do) I was hoping for something better than just a perfumed version of what they did 11 years ago in Doom. There's only 4 game types available, all of them deathmatch. There's Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing (limited lives deathmatch) and Tournament (one on one deathmatch with spectators; loser goes to the end of the spectator line while the first spectator takes on the winner).

    So far the single player alone is worth the game price. I'll be sticking to America's Army for my human frag fix.

    PS. Though Americas Army is hands down the best multiplayer shooter I've ever seen, it's learning curve is steep. More of a line than a curve. So much so that it can be extremely discouraging to new players checking it out. If you're looking to try the game out (it's a free download) just drop me a line and I'll help get you through training and teach you the maps while on team speak or whatever.
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    Thanks Croak. Gonna pick it up and see how it is.

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    I was surprised to see it today too

    Just ran down the street to pick up the Xbox DVD Microsoft scabware plugin and was confronted with Doom 3 everywhere. Well, on one shelf, but I had no idea it was finished yet. Suppose I'm still in Marathon mode. :)

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    Got mine too

    It's been a while since I played fragg games.
    I'm playing hard and my aim sucks, so I'm saving every 2-5 minutes. =)

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