Zans/Charon - "Zanswa" Troll Mage main

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    She's all I've got on Stag for now.

    I also have a mid-40's NE Druid and a mid-30's Human Paladin on Terenas.

    All my characters' names start with "Zans..."
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    First alt: Zansgrend, Orc Hunter.

    Shooting for Mining/Eng right now, but we'll see where he heads...
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    Please don't make all of your alts start with 'zans' -
    The reason I say so, is that it makes it hard to send you stuff in the mail.
    For example - try mailing something to Moridin's main, and you'll understand.
    Best thing to do is what Pat did - make a name with 'pat' somewhere in the name.
    Thanks =)
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