List of real life people in CP Guild -- help me out here!

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    i was trying to compile a semi-authoritative list of who the real humans are who play in the guild. I want to post this onto the reg CP forum to show that there's a lot of cool people who are playing, to entice the fence sitters. This is what I have so far, and I apologize if I had a brain freeze/fart that left any off or described them wrong. So, please help me out here...

    CP WoW roster...

    Clan Plaid members...

    Waluin (Maranna)
    Kalli (Kallikan)
    Fire Chief (Xetasi)
    Black Cat (Blackcat)
    Wang (Dangorcs)
    Lino (Groutous)
    Eyesore (Meadow)
    Mukow (Muwlenka)
    Kur (Carch)
    Patro (Patrogue)
    EDIT : Zilla (Ghazirra)

    and new as of this weekend...

    the Cull (Nausea)
    Spit (Spittle)
    Alienate (Alienate)

    And non-rep CP, but FoP (Friends of Plaid) and new friends...

    Vragak/Suitala (Mukow's co-worker)
    Falcon (Cull pal, been to several gaths, Yee)
    Necroblade (Charon's pal ?)
    Dimmy (Waluin's rl best friend)
    Garumako (came to the recent WCG)
    Boxhead (Spit's bro, a.k.a. Blight)
    Equanimity (a friend of Eyesore's)
    Launch (Mukow's & Vrag's co-worker/friend) :: EDIT ::
    Paralysis (a friend of Eyesore's)
    Pythos (an old Myther, Fellowship of Stonheim)
    Azskarla (a friend of Eyesore's) :: EDIT ::
    Rainbow (Death Noodle, a la Clan of the Bear/Fellowship of Stoneheim in old Myth days) :: EDIT ::
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    Launch isn't anyone I know, and I haven't really spoken with the guy much at all.

    I don't think Azskarla played Myth for any real length of time. I believe I dragged him into a few games many years back but that's about it. As you might guess, he's one of my friends.

    You also missed that other weirdo I know: Death Noodle (Rainbow), another one of those old Clan of the Bear/Fellowship of Stoneheim type Myth people.
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    I feel sad could I Seifer aka Wayne be forgotten?
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    How did you miss me?

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    I only met Blackcat once he seemed like a smart guy...put from the list it looks like he forgot two of the best people.

    That being D"h"arklord and myself.
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    That's why I always liked you =)
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