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  • Hails all. I'd like to thank everybody who helped out in this endevour. We came THIS close! Unfortunately due to two server dice. Next time we will get him. Spit
  • Hails all. So far only Mori, and FC said they can come, with Garu a maybe. Thats it? Nobody else intersted in an UBRS run w/ a damm tough boss to kill in the middle? Monday night, starting 8:30-9 PST. Lemme know if you can come. Spit
  • Hails! So, I'd like to try and get an attempt in on mon, jan 15th, starting around 8:30 PST. If you can make it, please post here so we can see if we need/how many non CP on thrun. Thanks, Spit
  • Hey! I resemble that! Spit
  • Hails. So i have finally gotten to the end of my dungeon set 2 upgrade quests. I need to get Drakk to drop my robes and to summon Valathak in the Beasts chamber. In anybody is interested in helping out in a UBRS/Valathak run, post here and i'll t…
  • Hey Sven. Afew of us are west coasters (Myself, Mori, Deac, and a couple more mb) plus the other guys quite often stay till midnight plus on PST-late nights for them!. When i am on is usually between 9 and 1 PST. Spit
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  • Heya Sven. As Vrag said, we have about every style of play going on. I too am into 5 man content (as are a few others), so I am extremely looking forward to BC. Hope to see you around. Spit
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  • Hails all. After finally getting my Baron run done (and the devout drop too!), i just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have helped out along the way on these many attempts. My successful run included Mendicant, Moridin, Xief, and Makray …
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  • Lemme check....i might have something (like 1)in the bank Spit
  • Hails.Well, after much delay, i was able to get a baron run going last night. The first attempt had Myself (shadopw priest) , Mori (warr), Deac (Priest), Makray(warlock) and Censorship(rogue) going at it. We ended up about 2-3 minutes short. (most…
    in Baron run Comment by ISOYG July 2006
  • Hails. OK, so who still needs a Baron run? Since the last succesful run, there should now be a new crop who still need it. So we might as well try to get everybody together who still does and start working it as a group, since it usually take a w…
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  • Re: There is only one kind of cheese: My wife really loves Manchego cheese, but what can you expect, she is from Spain. Unfortunately for her, it is not too easy to come by here (real manchego anyway) and dort of expensive. Spit of course, i don'…
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  • Re: Cheese I don't like cheese unless it is melted (and can't be too strong). Otherwise it is nasty stuff! Spit
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  • Re: WoW! All the "retard" States call it "PoP" What about soft drink? where is that on the list? Spit (i use soda some times, but pop..come on...)