9 days and still holding up.

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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to let you know that it has been officially 9 days for me without having WoW and no negative reactions yet! My account officially terminated on 12/3. Of course Vragak still exists if I ever decide to come back, which is doubtful. Also Vragak is naked... which sucks, I wonder if I can sell a naked L60 hunter on Ebay...

    I definately miss playing and chatting with you all. I wish I got on Hotline more often than I do but I always have issues with the clients on my windows machines.

    In anycase I've been toiling through different single player games. Nearing the end of FF XII on PS2. Then off to finish Enchanted Arms on 360 (the game sooks hardcore though) then Oblivion. After that, prolly joining gamefly so I don't buy games anymore, except the ones on Live Arcade. I'm loving my 360, even the gf uses it for Uno online.

    In anycase, Maybe I'll swing by when BC comes out... but that is doubtful. I have too much that needs getting done, ie. thesis, to play WoW again.

    Keep it real folks!
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