Instances-A-Plenty, 12-3-2005, Noon Server Time

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    Initial Instances: Strath, LBRS, Scholo, UBRS if we have the heads.
    When: Dec 3, 2005, Noon Server time
    Meet: UC bat rider.
    Max # of People: 10
    Requirments to join: ergh... 50+ minimum, preferred 58-50. But if it's a 10-man raid in an instance we can 5-man, just don't aggro the world (Kow I'm looking at you)
    Vragak leaves the instancing if: Alterac Valley spawns up.
    Cancelled If: No one comes

    Reasons: Loot, Loot and more Loot. I want to finish my BS set, and this is how it will happen. Plus if it's a CP group no one will roll on my BS stuff since i'm the only HL Hunter! This would be more of an all day event type of dealie. Where we just go instance whoring.

    ::EDIT:: I'm a dunce and have to finish a grad school project this weekend... so I may or May not bea ble to come.. but all fo you should still even if I'm not there.
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