Dire Maul, and Dreadsteed of Xoroth quest :: DONE!!! ::

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    I should be ready as of tonight or tommorrow to embark on the quest "Dreadsteed of Xoroth", which culminates in my aquiring my epic mount. Approx 550g in special quest vendor items, and misc materials, and several hard quests later, I'm ready to get this pimped ride!!! However, the final quest is tough, and takes place in Dire Maul. So, I'll need a full 5 man party of highbies (only lvl 57+ need apply) to help me nail this suckah!

    With Maranna AFK for a week or so while he moves, I'm looking at you Xet, and Kalli, and Vrag, and probably Garu and or Grout. I'd prefer to do this w/CP, as the voice comm will make it go much better, and I'd like you all to share in the fun.

    So, lets kick around some ideas about who could do it, and when we might want to do it.

    -- Black "Pimp My Ride" Cat

    some links to info on the quest...

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    I'm in.
    Just try to get me a date and I'm there, unless i'm uber busy you got my help.
    Possibly since we don't have enough really for fun in ZG we could try this instead.

    I'll either bring Mader or try to grab a Tank pet to help assist in CC.

    Pimped-Rides All the way!
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    Count me in. I dinged 57 last night, and am rested all the way through to 58. With my snazy new belt and PvP equipment I can wear at 58, I'll be ready by the weekend if I get some power levelling help in Eastern Plaguelands one of these nights. I'm not sure when a good time to run DM would be, but if we can figure something out, that's good to me.
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    If the engine ever sputters on getting this thing going, I *will* be back November 26th. Other than that, good luck sir(s).
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    I changed the topic title...


    Done! On Friday, I was doing a /who warlock, tying to find a lock who had already done the quest, or wou;d help me do it. Lo and behold, the first guy I talked to, "Deviousgrimm" for Equinox, not only said, "sure, I'll go now", but, as he had already paid the 250g for the special summoning items, offered to help me for free -- thus saving me 250g!!! We got another guildy of his, the priest "Whiteshadow" to take Kalli, Garu, and I through. It went great, they were really cool, and I got... the Dreadsteed of Xoroth.

    I wished I could have done it with a couple more CPers, but it was ready to go, and it happened. Thanks for the help Garu, Kalli, and the Equinox guys.

    Ride. Is. Pimped.

    :: Edit ::

    I tipped Devious 45g, and I tried to tip Whiteshadow, but he refused my $. So, my cost on the final stage was 45g, not 250g.
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