Vragak's Final Adventure

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    Ok Guys.

    as there are now roughly 25 days until Vragak's account goes bye bye. We need to plan one more final Instance run for me. At least one more chance at completing my sets. or dying viciously at the hands of some mobs!

    So Lets get a CP only run formed for either some of the 5-man endgame instances or something. before May 31 and bye bye Vragak comes.

    Just don't plan it for a tuesday or wed. Friday and Sat work best.


    P.S- I'm not giving away all my crap or money. I may come back one day.
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    Pick the instance you want to run, and post it here. Pick a time, and post it here. Spam me and the others on CPHL with a heads-up.


    L60 holy priest LFG
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