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    Medieval TWII has had me so wrapped up in it, that I'm writing a story around my latest campaign. I don't recall that anyone here was especially interested in the game, but there's a website that's hosting my story and also has some WoW stuff, and a few other games, so I'm pimping them.


    And mine, The Viking Migration, is here:


    I like the idea of the site, and some of the content is already quite good. There's a fair bit more of my story at The Org, but it's of a size that it makes their forum software chug a bit (300+ images in a one page thread ;) ).

    Anyway, enjoy, if you're into that kind of thing.

    Ramses II
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    I actually enjoy writing stories and such about games or films I like.
    I've done a few synopsis for WoW, and back in high school, I wrote
    a short entry on a factious event in Final Fantasy 8. Man, good times.

    PS.Liked the story, never played the game, but good story none the less.
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