ZOMG! I'm gonna LOVE it!

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    This is message from your friendly neighbourhood dual-wielding fury warrior:



    I'm gonna go on a rampage! Yeah baby! :D
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    Hmm... I was just messing around with my new talent build and I noticed Tactical Mastery has disappeared...

    The site seems overloaded right now so i can't see if the ability has been made a basic ability like they did with the Druid's innervate. If it hasn't, I can't wait for the firestorm on the WoW boards from all the warrior whinerz :D "ZOMG! They crippled stance-dancing!"

    I had 2 points in it, just to get to Impale... if they got rid of it I wouldn't cry too much...

    EDIT: Never mind, I just realized it's been made a first line ability in the Defensive tree! Very nice. That will encourage some people to put a few points in protection for sure... makes sense for full protection tanks too, they need to stance dance to use abilities like Bezerker Rage to become immune to fear, etc. Great change.

    The level 61+ abilities look really cool, too. Can't wait to use Intervene! It's kind of like a taunt you can use in pvp or pve. :) It will be great for saving some poor healer or crazy AOEing mage's bacon...

    I'm thinking http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classes/bc-warrior/talents.html?050150013020000000000005050105505010253102310000000000000000000000
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